What you should know about the upcoming General Election

Photo by Elliott Stallion on Unsplash

With the General Election approaching in mid-December, it’s vital for young voters in London to be as informed and updated as possible. So, here are some tips to keep up. 


What happened already? What’s next?

a)The Commons have voted for a General Election to be held on December 12. 

b)The House of Lords will then debate the Early Parliamentary General Election Bill on the upcoming Wednesday, followed by the Queen’s approval.

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What issues are voters most concerned with?

According to Ipsos, a market research company, Brexit and the EU easily top the list of being the most important issues, followed by the NHS and law and order.

Immigration and economy concerns have been at their lowest rate since 2011 and 2007, respectively.


What has changed since 2017’s General Election?

Although the Conservative and Labour parties have been the most dominant parties for years, the Liberal Democrat party is slowly making its way through MP gains and support.

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What steps should voters take now?

Before getting too excited about heading down to the polls in December, eligible voters should first register to vote before the set deadline of the 26th of November.

As a student, you’re allowed to register at your term-time address if you still haven’t finished your university semester, given that it’s located in a different constituency than your home address.


Any last reminders?

Don’t forget to bring your umbrella to your local polling station, and turn your phone off. The use of phones in a polling station is strictly prohibited. 


Words: Zaina Emad

Photo: Elliot Stallion from Unsplash

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