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What To Expect From The New Underworld Album

Underworld have announced the release of their new album Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future.

Words: Mattia Bosio, Subeditor: Alex Hurd

The British trio (Karl Hyde, Rick Smith, and Darren Price) broke the silence, lasted now for nearly 6 years since the last album Barking in 2010, announcing the release of their new project which will be available on March 18th, 2016. Pre-orders are ongoing.


Underworld Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future album’s cover. Credit: Caroline International


So what’s this shining future?

According to a press release, it’s “the elegiac swoop of strings as they stretching out across off-world electronics; a demented lupine howl that curls itself into an unshakeable earworm; celestial techno and South American acoustics; voices that warp into harmonic riffs; found lyrics that form fine-tuned monolgues”.


Underworld, Credits: Creative Commons


Fair enough for me, I feel like Christmas comes early this year. What to expect?

Maybe a bit rusty, but I’m sure we’ll be hit by another sensationally electrifying experience, with dark trance sounds straight to your brain, electro basses pumping in your chest and celestial harmonies which will take you through a 7-tracks journey into the deepest electro corner of your soul.



Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future Tracklist:
01. I Exhale
02. If Rah
03. Low Burn
04. Santiago Cuatro
05. Motorhome
06. Ova Nova
07. Nylon Strung

Underworld 2016 Tour Dates:
03/17 – Berlin, DE @ Columbia Halle
03/18 – Mannheim, DE @ Maimarktclub
03/24 – London, UK @ Roundhouse
03/25 – London, UK @ Roundhouse
03/28 – Groningen, NL @ Oosterpoort
03/30 – Brussels, BE @ Cirque Royal
03/31 – Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso

Tickets available here.