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What Things To Do In London For Free Or On A Low Budget

As everyone knows London is quite an expensive place to spend the day, especially when it’s not planned properly.

Words: Tamara Hutchinson Subeditor: Mariya Hristova

We have found some amazing things that you can do in London without nearly fainting on how much money you have to spend and even things you can actually do for free.




As you know, museums are a great way to learn, spend time with the family and to have fun. Most museum are free, such as the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the V&A Museum- also known as Victoria and Albert. There are plenty of things to do in the museums that will be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. If you want to go to quite a few museums, then the best place is to go to South Kensington, all three of the museums that are mentioned above are yards or a few feet away from each other. Now that Christmas is coming up, outside the Natural History Museum, the jewellery company Swarovski have sponsored an outdoor ice rink for the whole family to enjoy. In some of the museums especially the Science museum, have extra things you can do but you have to pay for it, like a flight simulator, and Air experience, IMAX theatre.

Window shopping and browsing:

Taken by Tamara Hutchinson

Believe it or not but window shopping is a fascinating thing to do around Christmas especially when you can see all the displays. I went to Harrods, Selfridges and other places in Central London and I was impressed by the amount of things that you can see on a shop window which are definitely better that you would expect.


Taken by Tamara Hutchinson

You can even go into Harrods and go to the perfumery section to get samples of the most extravagant fragrances or go into the food court and try out some of the most extravagent 5* foods.

Winter Wonderland:


Taken by Tamara Hutchinson

This well-known annual Christmas experience is the place to go to. Located in Hyde Park, this is by far one of the best family days out I’ve experienced around Christmas.

Taken by Tamara Hutchinson

Winter Wonderland can be for the whole family, friends, couples or others. It is fit for everyone. Being known as very expensive, there is an opportunity where you can just walk around and see everything for free, minus the Ice Castle and skating round the ice rink. However, you can look at the different stores situated and placed around the park. It is bigger than you think it is. There are a variety of rides to go on, they even have a 5D cinema. If you decide that you want to spend your money, there are many food stands, where they sell burgers, hot dogs, churros, waffles, crêpes (pancakes) and bars with entertainment.








Tour buses:

Taken by Tamara Hutchinson

There are many tour bus companies around, but I am just focusing on Big Bus London. For a 1-Day tour, it will only cost you £24.50, this ticket will also give you the chance to hop on and off any bus, if you want to get off and walk. If you decide, you can buy a ticket for 24 hours and upgrade it to 48 hours on the bus itself for free. You can sit anywhere on the bus as you please, there are no particular seats which you have to take. The top deck of the double decker bus is roofless, meaning that you can see the whole of London without any windows being in the way. The ticket also includes live commentary, guided walk tours that are worth £7 but with this ticket, they will be included in the price and a river Themes cruise. All this will be worth every penny.



Santander Cycles, also known as Boris Bikes:

Taken by Tamara Hutchinson

Santander Cycles are very convenient  for the busy streets of London or the claustrophobic pavements. With just the minimum of £2 you can ride or rent a bike. It will take you everywhere and anywhere around London, all you have to do is to make sure you take it back safely and on time to a docking station without getting a fine of loss, damage or theft. As well as going around London in your own speed, you are also getting a great exercise out of it.



Emirates  cable cars:



These cable cars are the best thing since sliced bread. They can take you from one side of London to the other, across the Themes without being stuck in rush hour traffic. They take you from Greenwich to the Royal Dock. Until the new years it is:



After the new years it is:



For more information about the prices, duration and so on,  go to:

London Buses (Red buses):

Taken by Tamara Hutchinson

If you live outside of London and you come into the city using a travel card, you can hop on and off any red London bus in the city, your travel card includes the red buses as well as any tube in the underground. You will not need to pay extra for the bus fares unless they are tour buses. As you know, if you have an Oyster card, you will have to tap your card to pay.