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We’re Celebrating Kim’s Birthday (Even If She’s Not)

Although Kim Kardashian West has disappeared from the online world and cancelled her birthday bash, thousands of people tweeted her today with birthday wishes.

Reporter: Marta Szymborska | Sub-Editor: Andrew Whiteford

Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ main girl is celebrating her 36th birthday today but we’ve still heard nothing from the star. Hopefully the recent discovery of CCTV images apparently showing the people behind the eight million Paris theft, will help Kim K feel more secure and prepare for her comeback.

It didn’t take long for the other members of the Kardashian family to move on and resume their online presence. Kylie Jenner is back, releasing her new KylieCosmetics autumn eye shadow palette, and already getting in trouble with Blac Chyna, who accused her and Tyga of stealing Ferrari theme idea for King’s 4th birthday.

Khlóe Kardashian was a guest on Ellen DeGeneres last week and is now on tour with her mum Kris Jenner, promoting her new denim line. Yesterday, Kourtney repeated Khlóe’s words ‘Kim’s not doing great’ in a super awkward interview for Australia’s Today Extra and she was seen at an event promoting new skin care later on.

The sisters are back on track, whilst the future of KUWTK is a big unknown after Kim took a break from filming the last few episodes of season 12. It has not been confirmed whether there will be a 13th season and if Kim is still up for it.

It seems that the only activity we will get from the birthday girl today is the news of another lawsuit. It has been reported today that Kim is seeking an apology from Huffington Post’s contributor Sharika Soal after she self-published an article with alleged quote from Kim, admitting that the Paris robbery was ‘a publicity stunt gone horribly wrong’.

Let’s put the Kardashian drama aside and take a look back at some of Kim’s best moments. Happy Birthday Kim K!


1. Four of our favourite @KimKardashian tweets


2. And four of our favourite Kimojis (There’s a Halloween edition now too!)









source: Kim Kardashian’s Instagram