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Wellness Wonderland: The Ultimate Christmas Present Guide For Health and Fitness Junkies

Christmas means indulgence, and with chocolate, booze and cheese filled hampers being a Christmas present fave, what do you get the that special someone who loves health and wellbeing? We tried and tested the most fabulous products guaranteed to top all body loving babes Christmas list.

Words: Isabella Sullivan Subeditor: Gemma Smith

Chocolate is great, but one thing I know for sure, is that in the days after Christmas we’ve all acquired way to much of it, along with biscuits and more biscuits.

So what do you get for a health lover? Forget satsumas, from sexy leggings to get you back in the gym, to waist-loving cookbooks and super-brainy scales, we hunted high and low for the seven best health and fitness gifts your money can buy.

1 – The Part-Time Vegetarian

Price: £16

Perfect for: Indecisive ‘might go veggie’ mates.

Source: nourishbooks.com
Source: nourishbooks.com

Dietary wise, being non-committal is so hot right now. We can guarantee someone you know has said the line ‘I’m thinking of becoming a vegetarian’. Voila, this is the perfect present for someone who wants to venture slowly into a meat free 2016. This fabulously-chic book weans you off meat without letting you go all cold turkey.  This recipe book contains hundreds of classic and unique dishes from around the world perfect for that special someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen. Eating less meat is the coolest food trend right now, so you’re basically giving the gift of coolness.

2 – Ginger Orange Leggings

Price: £69

Perfect for: Any sexy gym bunny.

This the new range of eccentric, eye-catching and gorgeous gym leggings that will have any exercise-loving girl jumping for joy.  Inspired by the ever-changing city life, Ginger Orange offers exclusive women’s activewear, which is brought straight from edgy East London. The designs are eye elegant, colourful, bold and full of energy.

Source: Healthista.com

They only use premium performance fabrics that will flatter any figure, provide excellent moisture management, shape retention and are super durable and comfortable. They’re so comfortable to wear and high-stretch, they have shaped retention, are a great support and are super breathable. If these don’t inspire a gym-filled January, nothing will. There are three amazing leggings in the special edition range, Dreamboat Duchess, Sakura No Hana, and La Reina Mora.

 3 – Phillips Juicer

Source: philips.co.uk
Source: philips.co.uk

Price: £40

Perfect for: The one who wants to ‘go healthy’ in the new year.

So Philips have introduced the Viva Collection of juicers. They’re compact, affordable, easy to use and can juice just about anything. They guarantee the wellness for any loved one who loves a green juice. But they can be super expensive and often lack the ability to juice veggies. The new Viva collection is everything a bodylicious babe could want, starting at just £40, they’re discreet, stylish, and so easy to use and clean. We tried the HR1836, which retails from around £80. This really is everything you want from a juicer, high juice extraction, cleans in one minute (also dishwasher safe), it is small (so easy to store away), and makes 1.5 litres in one go. You can even get them in different colours. What’s not to love?

4 – Neat Nutrition Bundle

Price: £60

Perfect for: Gym bunnies and those ‘green lovers’

Source: neat-nutrition.com
Source: neat-nutrition.com

This is literally the cutest stocking filler ever, and the most perfect gift for gym bunnies. With three delicious flavours of hemp and pea vegan protein powder to choose from, this little detox hamper includes supergreens powder, organic matcha Green tea and advanced vitamins and minerals to combat guilty Christmas over-indulgence. You are literally giving the gift of health, strength and wellbeing and your loved ones will love you for it. 

5 – Fitbit Scales

Price: £80

Perfect for: Body-OBSESSED people.

Source: wewearables.com
Source: wewearables.com

We promise buying these scales for someone won’t be offensive…How can scales that record your weight, body fats and BMI measurements possibly offend? These scales wirelessly connect to your home network and can load your measurements onto its own mobile app, called MyFitnessPal. 2016 is all about knowing your visceral fats and muscle weight, so why settle for anything else? This is the perfect present for anyone with set body goals and determination for the new year.

6 – Infruition Water Bottle

Price: £14.99

Perfect for: The health lover who has everything.

Source: infruitition.co.uk
Source: infruitition.co.uk

The hottest BPA free device since the Bobble, this magical bottle makes a great gift for that one person who has everything. Drinking enough water can be hard, especially when at Christmas, there’s champagne around to drink. Infrutition is the perfect solution, as this nifty bottle comes with an infusion chamber. You can store fruit, herbs, tea infusers and absolutely anything else you would want your water to taste like in there. Drinking water will never be boring again.

 7 – maple&FITZ Christmas Hamper

Price: Festive Fitz (£40) & Merry Maple (£25)

Perfect for: Every sane person on your contact list.

Forget about truffles, marmalades and cheese, this is officially the health-conscious hamper to beat all hampers. Fitzrovia health Café maple&FITZ has officially launched a pair of Christmas hampers to top all Christmas presents. The Festive Fitz hamper contains maple&FITZ’s most popular products such as Homemade Granola (either Spiced Chai or Dark Chocolate Cherry), Winter Maple Toasted Nuts and Seeds, Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate, Christmas Raw Energy Balls, Gluten free cakes and brownies and a selection of herbal Teas.

Source: mapleandfitz.com
Source: mapleandfitz.com

A smaller Merry Maple hamper is also available, where you can mix and match to meet your lucky recipients tailored demands. To order one of these delightful hampers email roxana@mapleandfitz.com or pop in to the store. You’ll regret it if you don’t.