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We took a look at TfL’s staff training for train accidents so you don’t have to

VoL investigates TfL’s staff training for traumatic incidents after an accident on the tracks at Northwick Park.
Reporter: Gabrielle Espinet  |  Subeditor: Monica Sanchez

This morning, commuters faced severe delays on the Metropolitan line after an unidentified commuter fell on the rail tracks of Northwick Park station. The man is being treated at Northwick Park Hospital.



Commuter Tessa Randall (@GoddamitDarling) expressed shock on Twitter after witnessing the incident.

Northwick Park Accident

So how are tube staff trained to respond to incidents of this nature?

Voice of London (VoL) spoke to Andreas Zanders, a customer service assistant at Wembley Park Station about his experience in an emergency. Mr Zanders stated staff is always prepared for any eventuality, saying they are trained to deal with accidents and emergencies.

“The majority of us are first aid trained.  During procedure, we know we have to close down that station, close the area away from the public, and make sure there is no electricity running through the tracks”.

Although Mr Zanders said there is always a member of staff working at the platforms in and out the office, VoL did not see any members at Northwick Park station only two hours after the incident.

As TfL staff remains adamant that the company´s training is efficient, these incidents do occur.


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