We can’t get over Huko anymore

Words: Sal Fasone | Subbing: Melina Zachariou

When we spoke with Huko, we knew we couldn’t get over them. Too cliché? Not really.

After Blind, a successful banger, Huko are back on track with Can’t Get Over You and they’re ready to conquer the world again.
Read about their inspirations, the process of creating Blind and they’re relationship … with books!

8 million streams after Blind, here you are with a brand new track called Can’t Get Over You. How did you deal with this huge success?
The success on Blind is very cool and for the first single it’s quite unexpected. But even if it’s cool, we have to work very hard and stay focused! 
The music world makes you dream with this quick success but what follows is just as important so you have to stay focused and never stop working. 
Let’s talk about Blind. How did you create the song?
We made a sunny and dancing beat, we found it cool, we added the voice of Cozy and go!
Can’t Get Over You, is it a personal single? 
Not directly but a lot of people can be in this story, including us.
What is the message behind it?
We all need someone in our life (in love or friendship).
If you were to describe your music with one word what would it be? 
How do you create a hit-song? What is your inspiration? 
Do not try to make one! Just do what we like and the rest will follow.
You guys met in school. Is Huko something you’ve always wanted to do? 
Music has always been a passion for us all on our side, Huko has brought us together.
We’re a university website. What was your relationship with books and exams? Who’s the geek in the group? 
Niko: I’ve always hated studies and exams, I felt like I was wasting time. It’s a feeling I never feel when I’m doing music.
Hugo: I always had correct results but studies never fascinated me, the only thing that interested me was to make sound. It may be me who is the geekiest of the group.
What advice would you like to give to all those young people who strive to create and be their best? 
To continue to persevere but especially to do what you like and not to follow code or guideline, there is nothing worse to lose the soul of your songs.
What are the struggles you may find to make your music successful? 
The quality of the song plays a lot already but there are many ways now to broadcast the music so you have to think about it and manage everything correctly.
What are we expecting from Huko next? 
A lot of surprises and new tracks!
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