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Was Valentino Rossi Tricked With A Bitter-Sweet ‘Cookie Move’?

On Sunday, 8th of November, the last MotoGP race of the season was held in Valencia. It was the race that determined the 2015 Champion and it was as exciting as expected. 

Words: Ludovica D’Angio, Subeditor: Ena Bilobrk

Due to the penalty inflicted on Valentino Rossi, the Italian had to start last on the grid and finish at least in top three to secure his 10th title. Rival Jorge Lorenzo started from the pole and as he was seven points behind Rossi he was on a good way to secure the championship for himself.

Rossi’s fans were extremely positive that the 9 time champion could still turn it, but he became fourth, not making it on the podium and not wining the title. Not only has the web gone insane, everybody in the Motorsport world has.

Apart from accepting this defeat being so close to winning the title, he also launched a scathing attack on fellow riders Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo.

Italian hero number 46 accused the Spaniards of planning a “cosy agreement” and “deliberately sabotaging his dream to win his 10th title”. He believes that Marquez acted as a bodyguard to Lorenzo, purposely not overtaking him so that Lorenzo would secure his title. Rossi explains that this “cookie” method was “an ugly way to end what has been an attractive championship” and that it is “an embarrassment to the sport”.

Italian media taking on Valentino Rossi's cookie description. Source: Sky Italia
Italian media taking on Valentino Rossi’s cookie description. Source: Sky Italia

He also added he could not believe a Honda rider helping an Yamaha rider, as they are rival motor homes. Shuhei Nakamoto, Honda Vice President consequently stated that they “cannot accept his words as there is no proof in his favour. He lost by five points, which is difficult, but his is only a one man vision, it’s not reality”.

Marquez on the other hand, after his family had already filed a legal complaint for being assaulted by italian journalists, defends himself. “For me, a rider with a winning mentality, telling people I did not want to win is an insult. Because whenever I go out, I go to win and do the best job possible. Rossi is completely wrong, I could not overtake Lorenzo”.

While Jorge also backs these words up, he declares that he did get some help from his fellow spaniards. “I thought I would have run the risk to come third and lose the championship. At the end, Marquez and (Dani) Pedrosa helped me out a little. Maybe in another race they would have risked a little and overtaken me”, he adds.

Valentino Rossi did not attend and participate in the Valencia Gala where they were giving out awards to best pilots. Yamaha manager Mario Meregalli represented Rossi’s picking up his second place trophy. It is said that the Italian did not want to attend because neither he wanted seeing Marquez and Lorenzo nor shaking hands with the Championship organisers believing the last three races lacked on fair play. 

Menegalli said that “Lorenzo should not be very happy, as it is not a championship that was won on track”. There have been debates on whether they will continue with Yamaha but Lorenzo confirmed that “next year things will improve and there will still be mutual respect”.