Tuesday, September 25The Voice of London

Vox – Issue 1

Meet ‘Vox’…

an exciting publication packed with topics that need talking about. Every issue we will hand-pick five subjects and explore all the angles everyone else seems to have ignored.

This month, we have kept a close eye on the Paris climate talks. As they come to an end, we take a look at just how pressing this crisis really is. Expect the lowdown from the record-breaking London climate march, too. 

However, like many others we are still severely shocked by the Paris attacks, so our first issue has some in-depth analysis of Europe’s response to these terrorist atrocities.

On a more positive note, the ‘Vox’ sports team have spent a lot of time at The Race of Champions, London’s car racing extravaganza. Ena and Ludo chatted about the changing face of motorsport and everything from adrenaline junkies to climate change (…sorry, it’s a hot topic this month.) 

Finally, the guys delved into the world of conflict music. From America’s most influential political rappers to the Syrian revolution’s unsung (or singing) heroes, they told us that music is more important than ever before.


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