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‘Voter’ to ensure more millennials participate in elections on November the 8th

With a largely controversial presidential election coming next week in USA, it is crucial to encourage most American residents to take part. Yet, as official numbers show, millennials are not very much into polls. How mobile apps are helping the process?

Reporter: Mariya Grinina | Sub-editor: Joseph Carey

The US general election is next Tuesday, November the 8th. The issues raised during presidential campaigns are crucial to diverse communities, and while ‘millennials’ are the most diverse generation of voters, it is imperative they vote.

However, the young adults aged between 18 and 35, a group making up a third of eligible voting population in the United States, shows little interest in polls. In 2012, only 46% of millennials said they had voted.

Perhaps one of the reasons for such small numbers is a lack of interest in politics and difficulties to make a decision about whom to vote for. Since 85 percent of young American adults own a smartphone, mobile applications can be a solution.

Voter’, or as some call it, ‘Tinder for politics’ is helping users to find a candidate according to voter’s values and beliefs. The Tinder-style app that was named the “#1 up-and-coming app” by Newsweek this year, aims to make understanding the policies of the candidates a matter of answering yes-no questions by swiping a smartphone’s screen.


The application, launched by 26-years old entrepreneur, analyses the user’s answers and checks them against candidates’ stances. Then it shows a graph with percentages of how much a voter agrees with each candidate.


The game-like app is an easy-to-use tool to inform voters on the candidates of the upcoming elections in the US. Hopefully, it will help to increase the numbers of young adults making their choice next week.