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VOL Music Talks To… Venice Trip

London’s psychedelic-revivalists, Venice Trip, speak to Cerys from our VOL Music team about which films made them cry and why they prefer vinyl.

Words: Cerys Kenneally, Subeditor: Alex Hurd

Venice Trip. Credit: Kevin Sparks
Venice Trip. Credit: Kevin Sparks

With the slight disappearance and lack of excitement surrounding psychedelic music this year, Venice Trip have taken a bold stand in an attempt to revitalise the intricate, hallucinogenic melodies of the genre.

Their new track, “Said Too Much”, presents Venice Trip in their upbeat element, surrounding themselves with a colourful glow, pulsing with progressive percussion and a 60’s infused sound.

“Said Too Much” dips in and out of soft vocals and bright melodies, allowing the chorus to burst with hallucinogenic harmonies and frontman Andres’ voice to pierce through the psychedelic haze.

The tempo shifts add a sense of euphoria, slipping gracefully into a silky sound filled with electric riffs and dreamy, faint vocals.

Venice Trip are definitely on our list of one’s to watch. Following the release of “Said Too Much”, Cerys spoke to Andres and Ben. You can listen to the interview below.

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