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Valentino Rossi’s Race To Court

Moto GP rider, Valentino Rossi, is not giving up. The clash between him and Spaniard Marc Marquez has notched up a gear by the champion threatening court action.

Words: Ludovica D’Angio, Deputy Editor: Ena Bilobrk

After receiving a sanction of a three-point reduction and having to start last in Valencia’s race on the 8th of November, Rossi is keen on defending himself against charges of kicking an opponent off his bike in Sepang’s race last week.

An urgent appeal has been lodged with Moto GP authorities in order for Rossi to either have the three-point penalty reduced, or completely cancelling the sanction. The appeal will be heard in a legal studio in Pesaro on November 6th.

Rossi needs to secure a place on the podium in order to become champion again this year. He is currently 7 points ahead of rival Jorge Lorenzo.

Considering the fact that this appeal could help Rossi, because of a few factors going in his favour, undesired effects could also come out of it.

It is said that exterior judges may believe that the inflictions against Rossi were too lenient. This could make it much easier for Lorenzo to therefore win the championship just by coming third.