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Valentino Rossi, Not The Lucky One

Valentino Rossi will have to start last in the grid after having lost his appeal. The nine-time champion wanted his penalty to be pushed back to the start of the 2016 campaign in order to qualify normally for the vital season finale in Valencia on the 8th of November.

Words: Ludovica D’Angio, Subeditor: Ena Bilobrk

The Italian will now have to defend his seven-point title by finishing at least second on the podium. “Starting last makes things much more difficult” says Moto GP rider, because his rival Jorge Lorenzo has a better chance of finishing in a good position. He is ready to grab the championship right out of Rossi’s hands.

The decision to cancel the appeal was decided when a Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) statement read: “After the race in Malaysia, the FIM race direction found the Valentino Rossi deliberately ran wide in order to force Marc Marquez off-line, resulting in contact and causing Marquez to crash out of the race”. There is video evidence of the incident, which has triggered many debates.

“I’m the one that was on the bike, therefore I know what actually happened. What consoles me is that people are also starting to understand what happened”, he explains.

There is one main question, namely whether Valentino Rossi regrets what happened. He has replied by saying that he only regrets “not having followed his own way” as his dream of “fighting this championship in a normal way after a really good season” was all pushed down a drain.

However, Rossi should not be the only one getting punished for his actions.

Rossi was lifting up his third place trophy, Jorge Lorenzo booed him on the podium. The Spaniard apologised to Rossi for his inappropriate behaviour.

Lorenzo believes that the decision to reject Rossi’s appeal was right and that he “only regrets the gesture made on the podium” admitting that it was a gesture that has no “sportivity” and for that he is sorry.

All that needs to be done on Sunday is to watch how Valentino Rossi will treat the situation and if he will be able to pull through and make the most out of this race.

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