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Update: Goldsmith resigns over Heathrow

Zac Goldsmith resigned today due to the Heathrow expansion approval, calling the government’s decision ‘’catastrophic’’.

Reporter: Micaela Kolischer

The Richmond Park MP called the approval the “most polluting, most disruptive, most expensive option”.

The airport’s third runway is predicted to cost approximately £18 billion. It is also set to be done by 2025. Transport for London estimates the tax payer will cover £15 billion, while there will also be a rise in charges to those travelling outbound. According to The Guardian, the UK government believes that the full-length runway will improve the country’s economy.

Goldsmith was not the only one opposed to the Heathrow decision. Green Party’s Keith Taylor called it ‘disastrous’. He said ‘’There are no two ways about it; this is a disastrous decision for the people of the south east, London, Britain and the planet.’’

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