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UPDATE: EasyJet Cancel All Flights To Sharm El-Sheikh

EasyJet have now cancelled all flights between Sharm El-Sheikh and the U.K. until the 6th January following uncertain safety measures.
Words: Grace Faulkner, Subeditor: Eireann Beardon

Restriction continues into January. Source: Wikimedia

Following the tragedy earlier this year when a Russian passenger plane was blown up by an on board explosive, most airlines had cancelled all flights up until this week, when the restrictions were expected to be lifted.

However, amid safety concerns, EasyJet, Monarch, British Airways and travel company Thomson, have suspended flights even further into December and January. EasyJet are allowing passengers with holidays booked to change the destination, receive a full refund or a flight voucher for the future.

On their website EasyJet said: “We are sorry for the inconvenience this will obviously cause, but we hope that being clear with all our customers at this point helps you to manage your plans with more certainty. The situation is beyond our control and passenger safety will always be our number one priority.”

The Foreign Office still advise against all but essential travel to Sharm El-Sheikh.


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