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Prison escape: Names revealed

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has confirmed that two inmates are on the run after escaping from Pentonville prison in North London.

Reporter: Maria Llamas | Sub-Editor: Micaela Kolischer



An initial report suggests that the prisoners left mannequins in their beds to avoid being detected. A prison source claims the men used diamond-tipped cutting to get through the cell bars before escalating the Pentonville outside wall.

As if it was a movie, the prison officers only realised the prisoners escaped when they found the mannequins. As R.J. Manson’s book “Hologram” suggested to escape from a prison – “move the prisoners to another location as soon as the sun goes down and put dummies in the cell.”

Police have revealed the names of the two prisoners who escaped this morning from Pentonville.

Source: Metropolitan Police - Image: J.A. Whitlock (1) and M. Baker (2)
Source: Metropolitan Police – Image: J.A. Whitlock (1) and M. Baker (2)

Matthew Baker, 28, was convicted guilty of stabbing a man in Dagenham two weeks ago.

James Anthony Whitlock, 31, was on remand having been charged with conspiracy to burgle, with 19 offences of theft in different ATMs between December 2015 and August 2016. Whitlock is described as “a white man of slim build”.

HMP Pentonville, known as “The Ville”, opened in 1842. Pentonville is a category B prison, which means the MoJ thinks the prisoners are “a high risk to other people” but there’s no need for maximum security. He is described as “a white man with ginger hair”.

Metropolitan Police said: “It is not known what clothing either male had when escaping from the prison”.

On October, 18th a murder investigation was started by police after the ‘murder’ of Jamal Mahmoud, a 21-year-old who lived in the same prison. One prisoner, Basana Kimbembi, 34, has been charged with his murder.

After the attack, a vote of no confidence in Governor Kevin Reilly, who is in charge of Pentonville prison, was passed by almost 200 prison officers.

Also, guards claim they were not able to monitor prisoners and stop drugs and weapons being thrown over prison walls.

The last prisoner who managed to escape was convicted murderer John Massey in 2012. He was found two days later.

If you see either man, do not approach them as they could become violent. But do call Police on 999 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.