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Turkey Elections – The Majority Has Been Conquested

In unexpected turn, Turkey’s new leader gains absolute majority. This is the second election of the year in Turkey after no party was able to reach a majority in June.
Words: Natalia Alejarra, Subeditor: Daisy Greenaway

AK Parti Genel Başkanı ve Başbakan Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Kırklareli Cumhuriyet Meydanı'ndaki mitingde halka seslendi. (Kayhan Özer - Anadolu Ajansı)
Recep Tayyip Erdogan at Republic Square Kırklareli . ( Kayhan Ozer – Anatolia News Agency )

The second election of the year in Turkey happened on November 1st. The results were unexpected, following the elections on June 7th, in which no party was able to gain majority. The party has been in power since 2002 – with an absolute majority.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, representing Islamic-leaning Justice and Development party (AKP), won 317 seats out of the 550-member parliament. However, the party leader has been criticized by opposition media that suggests the new president’s government is increasingly autocratic. In response to the criticism, Mr Erdoğan said the results should be respected and the media should show more maturity.

The polarized political clime in the country has caused violent responses from Kurdish protesters who had confrontation with the police. The conflict follows a wave of killing due to terrorism and fights between rebels and security forces.

AKP Supporters have demonstrated faith in the changes that the recently elected leader can bring, by fighting terrorism and establishing peace in a country with constant internal conflict. Mr Erdoğan is seen by some as a leader fighting for the oppressed, according to report by The Guardian.

Even with such a contrast of opinions about the new leader, Sunday’s victory brought some good news to the Turkish economy, following a weakening of its markets in the last few years.

The new president has renovated the faith of investors, who expect a safer market as the political instability had led to a 25% fall of the Turkish lira this year. The Istanbul stock market also rose 5% in the morning following the election results.

According to a BBC report, financial analysts explain that the new leader is expected to follow a more stable route, which should make the country a more trustworthy option for investment, especially with a government with a majority and independent of coalitions. The market expects the country to strength its policymaking credibility, what should help economy to grow around 3% this year.