Wednesday, September 26The Voice of London

Tunisian President Declares State Of Emergency After Bus Bombing

The explosion in the capital, Tunis, targeting a bus carrying the presidential guards and killing at least 13 people was a terrorist attack, according to officials.
Words: Eireann Beardon, Subeditor: Grace Faulkner

Reuters have reported that a suicide bomber was behind the attack, causing President Beji Caid Essebsi to call a state of emergency throughout the country and set a curfew in Tunis. He has publically addressed the country saying: “I want to reassure the Tunisian people that we will vanquish terrorism”.

The bus was allegedly targeted as it was parked near a main point in the capital where guard members are typically picked up and dropped off. One witness has said the targeted bus was parked close to where the interior ministry and French embassy are based; the ministry has said 16 people are injured.

This is the third alleged terrorist attack in the North African state following the attacks by gunmen in March and June. June saw an attack in the beach resort of Sousse, killing 38 tourists as a gunmen approached a busy beach. This followed the death of 21 people by two gunmen at a museum in Tunis earlier in March. A state of emergency was set after the beachfront attack and has only recently been lifted.