Wednesday, September 26The Voice of London

Trump’s victory ignites anger throughout America

Citizens across the United States are outraged by the outcome of the presidential election and have gathered to protest against this shock win for Trump.

Reporter: Alex Zendra | Sub-editor: Maria Llamas

This is no Cinderella story, nor a Rocky Balboa saga… more like revenge of the Sith – in Star Wars. Donald Trump crept up into politics announcing himself as someone fit to run as president.

This stage in American politics seems almost fiction… but, for some people, is a scary reality.

People were congregating around Trumps Tower such as the one in New York and other buildings in major cities.

Protesters also took to the streets of Chicago, a city which was rooting for Clinton- due in correlation to the cities polls.

Trump exceeded the 270 threshold that a candidate needs to win; it was a close campaign with Trump being nice for once in his post-election victory speech. “Clinton fought a very, very hard campaign”.

This victory leaves America’s future cloudy, and will be interesting to see what sort of America it shall be… also how will he leave it?