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Trump’s Victorious: “We will put America’s interest first”

The race for White House is over. It was a long night. It was a fierce fighting.
Reporter: Shingirai Mupfupi | Sub-Editor: Micaela Kolischer

Credit: Wikipedia

Trump comfortably won those states he needed to win to be a resident for White House. It was a mixed picture as exit polls got it wrong again. They were calling it for Clinton but in fact it was the opposite.

It was early in the morning when  Clinton Campaign Chair told supporters gathered outside New York’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center: “They are still counting and every vote counts. She has done amazing job and she is not done yet you can go home there not much to say at this point it’s too late.”

Shortly afterwards, CNN and NBC reported that Clinton had called Trump to concede but would not be making a public address. What would she say? Mrs Clinton was confident she would win. It looks like she did not have energy anymore.  

Then, President-elect came to address his supporters who were also gathered at the Trump Tower in New York City “ I am the president for all Americans whether you voted for me or not.” He said.  

Mr Trump promise to unite Americans. It is not going to be easy but he sounded like it is simple he said: Now it is time for Americans to bind the wounds of division. It is time for us to become together as one united people.”

He pledges to  change things around throughout his campaign. He promised to deliver really change and ‘Make America great again’ And today he is sticking to these promises. “We will put America’s interest first and deal fairly with everyone, ” he said.