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Travel Trends 2016: The Greatest Destinations Predicted By The Experts

Costa Rica, Columbia and Hawaii are set to be some of the most popular travel destinations in 2016. Overseas festivals are also on the rise, with Oktoberfest predicted to attract millions of 18-25 year olds next year.
Words: Tessa Ross, Subeditor: Grace Faulkner

Source: Wilerson S Andrade/Flickr

Where to go? What to do? Two very simple questions, but a nightmare to answer when it comes to travelling. We have spoken to some of the top travel companies in the U.K. so that you can get ahead of the game and book the destinations that are set to be all the rage next year.

Sarah Dean and Liz Baron from STA Travel told us about the best places to visit in 2016.

STA Travel is the world’s largest youth travel company. It started out in 1979 when two students returned from their travels, having had the time of their lives. They set out to bring affordable flights and adventures to other young people. Today, they help over 2 million people a year travel the world and build memories they will never forget.

Map of STA's recommendations
Map of STA’s recommendations. Source: Petr Dlouhý. Modifications: Tessa Ross

So, those of you that have done the likes Thailand, Italy and Vietnam are in luck. As next year lots of different destinations are coming into the equation. “The Balkans are going to be popular; we’ve got new trips coming out for there and also Iceland. We are hoping that Latin America is going to grow as well”, said Ellen Simpson from Contiki, a company that specialises in youth travel experiences.

Travelling abroad for festivals and events has been a rising trend over the past few years. The chance to watch live bands with guaranteed sunshine and limited mud is enough to make many music lovers leave the U.K. Festivals and events abroad give young travellers the opportunity to mix with locals and sample specialty food to fully emerge themselves into a different culture. We spoke to various travel specialists to discover what events shouldn’t be missed in 2016.

Why not do something a little different in Spain next year? BBK Live (Bilbao festival) is a rock and pop music festival that takes place in Spain every year. You can get a three day ticket and camping from just £75. Oktoberfest is held in Munich, Germany every year and is the world’s largest Volksfest (peoples’ festival). In 2016 Oktoberfest is set to see over 5 million guests from all over the world embrace all things Bavarian and drink lots and lots of beer. Sziget is a festival in Budapest, Hungary. Known as the ‘Island of Freedom’, the festival guarantees big name artists and a great time. The 2015 line-up included Robbie Williams, Kings of Leon and Avicii.

It’s time to get booking. Don’t settle for second best, get in early and take full advantage of the best offers. Of course you can find great last-minute deals if you prefer to travel on a whim. But if you want to do a specific tour or go to a special event you should get in early to avoid disappointment.

Top tip: long-haul flights tend to go up in price nearer the time of travel, rather than down.

2016 is the year to leave London behind. Whether it’s for a few days, a couple of weeks or most of the year, get out there and discover something new.