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Trainers For London Commuters: The Best And Most Convenient

Every day thousands of commuters travel in and out of London on a regular basis. But not everyone has the correct footwear for them to last without pain for the day.

Writer: Tamara Hutchinson,  Subeditor: Hayley Warren

Many commuters travel by public transport, which means they are always on their feet. As everyone knows when you’re on your feet for too long, they start to hurt.

For satisfaction, you change your shoes into something more convenient such as trainers. There are so many brands out there but what are the best and most comfortable ones for you to walk around the streets of London?

Chan Singh, a Footwear Team leader from the sports store JD told us about the best trainers. He was explaining what type of trainers to get for walking around on a daily basis, whether it’s a casual relaxed walk or a very brisk walk.

“The best trainers that are being sold just for casual walks are the Nike Free Run range. Due to the foam insole, the cushion insole and the variety of colours,” said Singh.

People buy them because of the comfort the shoe gives. There are certain cuts in the sole which helps the motion of how you bend your foot with each step taken.

NikeFree Run 2 - JD
NikeFree Run 2 – (JD)


When travelling in and around London on a day-to-day basis Nike Roshe’s and Adidas Rocket boost’s are the most recommended.

Most trainers today are being made light weight so it would be easier to carry around once you change back into you work shoes.  As a result of the weight, the thin sole makes them not as heavy and doesn’t take up too much space.


AdidasClimaheat Rocket Boost- JD
AdidasClimaheat Rocket Boost (JD)


Every trainer feels different to every person. The point to look out for when you want to purchases a pair are:

  1. The softness of the sole.
  2. The space over the bridge of your foot.
  3. The width of the trainer.
  4. There needs to be a reasonable amount of space in the front of the trainer for your foot to move forward and backwards slightly.
Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 14.19.54
Nike Roshe One -(

If you get the wrong type of athletic shoe or it is not the perfect fit for you, it can seriously effect how you walk as well as providing a large amount of pain. The good thing about most of these trainers is that they are not too expensive.