Tories to invest in youth centres to give “young people hope” says Boris Johnson

The Mayor Boris Johnson in Croydon, South London, Tuesday November 22, 2011. Photo by Andrew Parsons/ Parsons Media

Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared on BBC 5 Live and BBC News in a special election programme answering questions from the public.

On supporting families and communities dealing rising violent crime

Johnson was asked by Ivan in Leicester about cuts to youth services and how the government will support grassroots efforts to tackle crime.

He said the government is investing in youth centres and education to give “young people hope”. He mentioned mentoring schemes to “take the weight off families who feel powerless when they see what kids are up to.”

On the future of people’s jobs after Brexit

“What we will have is a controlled system whereby we remain open to beauticians from France, scientists from India or from America… We will continue to be open to the world but we will do it in a way that is subject to democratic control.”

When asked by presenter Rachel Burden whether he knew what proportion of people coming to the UK came from within the EU, he said “from memory” that it was 50/50 with people coming from countries outside the EU.

“You’re wrong about that,” Burden said and cited statistics showing that over 200,000 people came from countries outside the EU and about 59,000 came from within the EU.

Johnson added: “The arrangements we have within the EU… are actually discriminatory in favour of people from the EU.”

On the running problems in the NHS

Johnson says he is aware of funding issues for the NHS and that the tories will invest £34billion into it.

“This kind of stuff needs the government really focused on reforming and improving all public services, and we can do that,” says Johnson.

On the Tories’ plans for mental health services

Johnson was asked about what the Conservative party plans to do about mental health services within the UK, with a lack of funding and waiting times being very concerning.

He said: “We’re investing massively in mental health services along with the whole of the NHS. What I want to see is a proper wraparound care for mental health patients.”

Words: Hannah Wilson | Featured Image Credit: Andrew Parsons

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