Too Faced launched a new unicorn collection and Internet is not reacting well

2017 has been the year of unicorns taking over basically everything, from clothes, to drinks with the crazy “unicorn Frappuccino” trend, to crazy holographic and glittery make-up ideas. And when you think the hype for it was gone, here it is Too Faced launching a brand new unicorn make-up collection.

But It looks like the internet has different opinions on this, not only on the launch date planned for February 2018, but also for the quality of the product.

The “Life is A Festival Mood” collection has a peace & love rainbow palette for 42$ with 12 shades between creamy, satin and chrome, and four magic crystal transforming lip gloss for 19$ available in different mystic creatures tears: unicorn, angel, fairy and mermaid. But people seems tired of this trend going on for so long they don’t want it to drag on 2018 as well.

The owner of Too Faced, Jerrod Blandino, also criticized Tarte Cosmetics for launching their own unicorn collection back in April 2017, which created a big scandal over the make-up addicts, but specially now this is something internet didn’t like.

But sides in stories are always two, and the internet world wasn’t all about how bad this is, but some people are actually looking forward to see this “banging” collection, full of glitters and holographic shades, and are ready to try on some old classic rainbow highlighters.


Words: Miriam Cocuzza | Subbing: Kadie Eve

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