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Tom Cruise Hits the Red Carpet for the European Premiere of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

The stars of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back hit the red carpet last night to promote the movie and to meet their adoring fans.

Reporter: Sasha Wickenden  | Sub- Editor: Alex Clement

Many people arrived from 6am eager to see the man himself, Tom Cruise, in the hopes of getting an autograph and a selfie. He did not disappoint, arriving early despite just flying in to London from LA so he could ensure he met everyone. With the help of his PA, Tom made sure each photo came out clear and blur free saying to one fan, “check the photo, make sure it’s ok” before heading down further.

Tom Cruise
Credit: Sasha Wickenden

Cruise, who had returned to play Jack Reacher was also joined by his to female co-stars; Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother) and Danika Yarosh (Heroes Reborn). Smulders also spent time signing and taking photos with fans and even had some to time chat. Being that she played Maria Hill in the Marvel Universe, she was asked about Agent Carter returning for a third season in light of it being cancelled. Her response was an enthusiastic one; “Agent Carter? Yeah absolutely!”

Cobie Smulders copy
Credit: Sasha Wickenden

The trio were joined by Director Edward Zwick who’s previous works include Blood Diamond and Defiance, taking over from Christopher McQuarrie who directed the previous film in 2012.

Danika Yarosh
Credit: Sasha Wickenden

The action thriller which cost $100 million [£80m] to make, is the second of the 20 books in the Reacher series to be adapted for the big screen, by the author Lee Child who was also in attendance. The film follows Investigator Jack Reacher (Cruise) four years after the thrilling events of the previous film.

Lee Child 2
Credit: Sasha Wickenden

Reacher returns to his old military unit where he meets Major Susan Turner (Smulders), who has been working with him on cases across the US bringing down criminals. However, upon his arrival Reacher finds that things are not as they should be when he is informed that Turner had been accused of espionage. Sensing this to be a set-up, Reacher embarks on a mission to prove her innocence. Unfortunately, this results in crossing paths with the law. In order for Reacher’s mission to be successful he must now go on the run.

The film is out in the UK today

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