Tis’ the season for Christmas Adverts

Love it or hate it, the Christmas season is swiftly approaching. So, get your hot chocolate out, a few after-eights, put your feet up because it’s time for the Christmas adverts.

Every year, companies challenge each other to who can create the best Christmas advert of the year. So far, there’s been some impressive competitors, John Lewis, Aldi, Sainsbury’s and more releasing their adverts ready to catch some attention. But, what do the general public of Twitter think?

John Lewis and Waitrose

I’d be lying if I said I didnt shed a little tear during the 2019 John Lewis Christmas advert featuring Edgar the Excitable dragon. Just me?



This year Sainsburys have recieved mix reactions for their Christmas Advert. The message behind is to do something good at Christmas time. But what did Twitter users think?



Dancing vegetables? Say no more. The puns are fantastic but can’t help but think that those talking brussel sprouts are a little bit creepy. Oh, and did I mention Robbie Williams is involved.


Time travelling Tesco van delivering the food to Winston Churchill. Tesco create a back to the future style advert leaving you to say, ‘What the Dickens?

What would Christmas be without a healthy competition of Christmas adverts?

Words by: Ivana Finch | Photo credit: Unsplash

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