Thursday, October 18The Voice of London

Three-day armed stand-off in Northolt ends peacefully

By Abigail Megan Widya     Subbed: Daniel Khalili-Tari

After 72-hours of suspense, an armed stand-off in north-west London has ended peacefully. Police entered the 46-year-old man’s house at 20.10 yesterday evening, after the man barricaded himself in.

Entry to the property was delayed for safety reasons for both parties, as it was alleged the man had a stockpile of petrol.

After negotiations failed, specialist officers from the Territorial Support Group (TSG) were employed to gain entry to the house. The officers were supported by the London Fire Brigade.

Scene of the 72-hour stand off @emiliapaps
Scene of the 72-hour stand-off @emiliapaps

The man was found surrounded by his four Rottweilers and was arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis, affray and offences under the explosives act.

Eighty local residents were evacuated over the weekend due to the incident. But, can now safely return to their homes and the police cordons around the area have been removed.

Leader of Ealing Council, Julian Bell, said:

“I’m pleased and relieved that the police have been able to bring the incident in Northolt to a peaceful and safe conclusion.

“I would like to thank Northolt residents for their patience throughout this difficult time.

“I hope the area can be returned to normal as quickly as possible so that people can return home and get back to their usual routines.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those officers, from all the emergency services and the council, who have worked around the clock throughout the weekend dealing with this incident.”

The police have confirmed the incident is not terrorist-related or linked to another operation.