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This Season: Think Twice Before Getting These Foods And Drinks

Once again the festive season is knocking on our door and it is time to eat, drink and expand our waist lines. But can we actually prevent it this time? There is always a way to avoid gaining those 6lb and yet still consume those 7000 Calories on Christmas day alone. Our suggestion is to limit your visits to your favourite cafes in town and the well-known Pizza Hut and we guarantee the results will be on point.

Words: Lyubomira Ivanova, Subeditor: Denisa Rosca, Toni Hart

Pizza Hut: Triple Decker box, Source: Tumblr

While you might think there is nothing better than two pizzas, some extra breadsticks and a massive cookie, as unveiled in the latest invention of Pizza Hut – the three layer triple threat box, we suggest you should think twice. It might be an insane food innovation, but please avoid going for it, or at least don’t go for it alone.

It might be a good option if you share it with your family and friends and you just get a tiny bit of it. But let’s be honest, you will most likely be tempted to order it for yourself. So instead of diving into the world of treats opt for a single pizza, which would be just as good as the one in the triple box but will save you the extras.

Starbucks red cup, Photo Source: Tumblr

Another thing we should be more aware of is the return of our favourite seasonal lattes, festive eggnog treats and hot chocolates. As Metro reported, drinking too many of these red cups can give us headaches even before Christmas Day has arrived.

So we are not saying that you should completely remove them from the “wish list”, but instead try to cut back on them. Try not to have them more than once or twice a week. Meanwhile, you can always opt for the healthier options available, as pointed out from the coffee shops themselves.

So whether you will opt for them or not, it’s all about making choices. And yet, we only live once, so why not? As long as it is the norm and we are not too naughty, we can afford to splurge now and again.