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The Yas and Lola Show: Pornos, A Not So Aspiring Film-maker, And Our Top Documentaries

Have a listen to our latest podcast where we interview Rob Cox, a TV production student who discusses his latest project, why he isn’t an aspiring film-maker, and the conversation continues onto porno’s and our top documentary picks…

Words: Yasmin Harding and Yeganeh Ameri Subeditor: Tiasha Simon


Our talk with Rob went on for a while as we discussed different documentaries that we’ve all seen. So, we decided to create a list of the ones we recommend, including the ones you heard in the podcast. (No spoilers here!)

1) Virunga
Director: Orlando von Einsiedel

This is documentary is based on Virunga National Park which is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo. The documentary follows 4 individuals who are fighting to save the National Park, home to the world’s largest mountain gorillas. Since featuring on Netflix, the documentary has won a number of awards including the Peabody Award and being nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. Worth a watch.

(Source: Tumblr)

2) The Wolfpack
Director: Crystal Moselle

An American documentary about a couple in Manhattan who locked away their 7 children for 14 years. The children were homeschooled and only learnt about the outside world through watching movies. This is a must watch and will encourage you to leave the house and explore the world more.

(Source: Tumblr)

3) After Porn Ends
Director: Bryce Wagoner

Ever wondered what happens to porn stars after they retire? This documentary follows the story of a handful of porn stars that explain their stories. They discuss how they got into the industry, the downsides and what it’s like trying to create a life after the retirement. Bound to change your perspective of the porn industry in many ways.

(Source: Oxymoron Entertainment)
(Source: Oxymoron Entertainment)

4) Catfish
Directors: Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost

This documentary continues to be relevant even in our lives now as it’s based on Internet relationships and how well you can trust the people you meet online. The documentary is based on a New York photographer Nev Shulman who gets involved with a family through Facebook and falls in love with the eldest daughter. Their relationship grows but confusion occurs when Nev decides to surprise his online girlfriend. This documentary will leave you thinking twice about who you accept on Facebook. We warned you…

(Source: Tumblr)

5) Kumaré
Director: Vikram Gandhi

In this documentary the American director plays the center role as he disguises himself as Sri Kumaré (a guru from a made-up village) who travels to Arizona and spreads his fictional teachings. Surprisingly, he gains followers who benefit from his philosophy of life. Would you be as gullible as them?

(Source: Tumblr)

6) Fahrenheit 9/11
Director: Michael Moore

There has been many conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 attacks and this film attempts to discover them. It is one of the biggest documentaries of our time as it looks into the period when George Bush ruled America and what affect his presidency had on the attacks. The documentary will definitely spark a debate if you watch it with a group of friends.

(Source: Tumblr)

7) Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present
Directors: Matthew Akers, Jeffery Dupre

This is for those who value and enjoy art. Following the artist Marina Abramovic as she prepares for her exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art in New York. When watching this, you may begin to question ‘why is this art?’ which is exactly what Abramovic has been questioning her whole life. Her exhibition involves herself as she sits in a red dress in the middle of a room and the audience take turns to sit in front of her at the opposite end of the table. There is no talking, no touching; there is only eye contact. A strange yet, interesting concept of art.