Wednesday, September 26The Voice of London

The Top 10 Music Videos That Will Give You Shivers

Halloween has arrived, and whilst everyone is preparing their outfits, we’ll spook you out with our choices. Watch out, there’s a Poltergeist behind you!


Words: Cerys Kenneally, Subeditor: Karolina Zilenaite


1. Connan Mockasin – Forever Dolphin Love

With no Halloween connotations whatsoever, it’s almost a surprise that a mundane release is giving us the creeps. Brimming with distorted, submerged guitars and ghostly vocals, it’s no wonder that ‘Mr. Blonde Clown Connan’ is scaring us, and his imaginary dolphin, away. The tense track slowly builds up, allowing Connan to combine the norms of everyday life with his abnormal, quite scary, clown costume. Yikes!

2. Childish Gambino – Telegraph Ave. (“Oaklandby Lloyd)

Number two is another no Halloween-er. Instead, former comedian and rapper, Childish Gambino, takes us on holiday to the sunny realms of Oakland, where the sea is blue and the girls are pretty. But there’s just one thing that doesn’t seem right… The infectious track has ‘good vibes’ written all over it until Gambino gets hit by a car. What follows after is some seriously spooky, yet applaudable special effects to bring the monster to life.

3. Pulled Apart By Horses – “Hot Squash”

Vignetting is the perfect way to spook the viewer out in a music video. You can’t see the full shot — instead you’re reeled in for a spooky adventure. The heavy rockers, Pulled Apart By Horses, use a mixture of pale, brought back to life ‘people’, and scary masks to infiltrate their dark performance. Head-banging their way through fuzzy riffs and dancing light sequences, it seems that the darkness of Halloween is cursing us all.

4. Nirvana – “Heart Shaped Box”

Cobain and co aren’t necessarily petrifying, but their video for “Heart Shaped Box” is a shiver giver by exploring past, dark themes resurrected in an unimaginably bright field of poppies. See the old man waiting to go on the cross and the kid in the KKK-style gown under the tree? It’s certainly a hidden message to say that in 1993, Nirvana thought society was pretty messed up, Halloween or not.

5. Twin Shadow – “5 Seconds”

Cinematic music videos are the best. What better way to warm up for this year’s Halloween than to watch a tense fight for survival with men in scary masks? Twin Shadow is a heroic figure, charging onto the scene on his faithful motorbike to save the day whilst fighting off masked men in a dark forest. The tension of both the track and the video blend incredibly well, and it’s visually appreciative with elongated, slo-mo shots. Out of breath yet?

6. The Wytches – “Robe For Juda”

So here we get a little more on track with the Halloween related videos, and what better way to get your heart racing than to get The Wytches to curse you all with their strange seance of a theatrical play. Green-wigged broomstick riders dance across the stage whilst Kristian Bell’s vocals blast through those cold veins of yours. The wonderfully horror-inspired guitar tones and haunted vocals are just a great addition to today’s scary sounds.

7. Jamie T – “Zombie”

Jamie T returned from his elongated hiatus last year to bring us his new, anthem-like track ‘Zombie’. The video is simple with the classic pub performance, but things get a bit more gruesome when the whole band turns into the flesh eating dead. The contagious track and disease of turning into a zombie doesn’t seem to turn heads in what seemed like an ordinary performance video, but when people start to lose limbs, that’s when you get the chills.

8. The Cure – “Lullaby”

Crazy haired frontman Robert Smith gets spooked out in The Cure’s video for “Lullaby”. The whispery vocals seem to provoke lucid visions of creepy crawlies running about, giving you that instant Halloween itch. And that huge spider frontman Smith turns into… No thanks!

9. Wampire – “The Hearse”

It’s nice when the band name and the track name fit the occasion isn’t it? Wampire, the American spookers, take us on a dark journey through the eyes of a killer. With blood stained dresses and warped, spooky synths, Wampire gives all the elements for shivers in this video. The kidnapping, the fire, the darkness, the blood — it’s only Halloween for one day after all, but Wampire have made this into a Halloween love story featuring a burning building in background. Hot!

10. Ray Parker Jr. – “Ghostbusters”

Ghostbusters had to appear at some point, and what better day to play it than Halloween. The infectious track will have your household dancing, but with clips of the film slipping into the music video, there’s times when you fear the Ghostbusters might not be able to help you. What’s that? You’re not afraid of no ghost?