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The Survival Guide For Londoners After Paris Attacks

People in the UK have been afraid of the possibility of a terrorist attack in British land. How to cope with the fear in times of terrorism in London? Words: Natalia Branco

After the terrorist attacks in Paris at the beginning of last month, the whole world got frightned of what can happen next. The UK, for being actively involved on ISIS defeat has been particularly wary for the many threats it has received from the group.

Even though Prime Minister David Cameron has declared that autorizing air strikes would make the British safer, many disagree, believing the UK is now a bigger target for terror attacks. In the streets of London, people say what how they feel after the 13th November.

Here you can find some light hearted advice – after all, it’s Christmas! – to avoid paranoia and enjoy the festive season.

  1. Go Christmas shopping locally: The busy streets of central London have always been a reason for struggle to many. In times of terrorism, avoiding places where everyone is can be a logical move. For ocassional buyers, Oxford street is a real nightmare, so considering buying your Christmas presentes in small shops can be a way to support local businesses and avoid the crazy crowds of the center. Alternatively, you can always make presents yourself. A great way to avoid Christmas crazyness and saving some money.
  2. We hear all the time about reporting suspicious behaviour, mostly while commuting. The issue is to know what is considered “suspicious” in London. According to the Metropolitan police, it’s considered suspicious people asking unsual information about the security of a certain place, taking measuments of public buildings and paying unsual attention to the routine of a establishment.
  3. Stay in tune with Twitter: if anything happens anywhere in the city, what quickest way to find out other than Twitter? The recent incident in Leytonstone tube station, initially linked to terrorism, had full coverage by passers-by’s Twitters news feed. Always better to know what routes and places to avoid, right?
  4. Support religious tolerance: A London based organization work towards making people concious of how the hostility of the West can drive people to a lack of sense of belonging in their own country of birth. Wether or not the connection exists, it’s never a bad idea to embrace other cultures and accept their beliefs and differences.
  5. Stay positive: As hard as it can be to believe good things will come, for ordinary citizens like us, there is little to be done in order to avoid any incidents. So, for your own good and peace of mind, staying light and hoping for the best is always a valid option.


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