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The Rise Of Social Media Models

For the last year or so, more and more girls have taken to Instagram in a bid to become the next big model. Perfectly posed photos are slowly becoming the norm for female users of the photo sharing platform. But what we want to know is when did the app start being used to improve career prospects?

Words: Christie Bannon, Subeditor: Tsakane Chabane

Instagram has always been a home for countless girls wanting to show off their latest selfie. But as companies are increasingly using social media to their advantage, it’s starting to become a bit competitive. A growing number of models are now being discovered through social media and more often than not it’s by chance. But what do these scouts look for in an Instagram selfie?

At a recent fashion talk Koral Leigh, of Lewis & Leigh PR, talked about her knowledge on the topic. She mentioned how another PR company turned down the opportunity of working with a model purely because she didn’t have a substantial amount of Instagram followers. It’s definitely becoming a more common theme because any girl can upload a striking selfie, but not everyone has a few thousand followers to go with it.

It makes you wonder if the same thing applies to today’s models that have already come from fame. For the past year or so, Kendall Jenner’s face has been plastered on ad-campaigns for countless companies all over the world. From Balmain, to Estee Lauder and even Givenchy, she’s been everywhere. But it does make you think whether she’d be as successful if she didn’t come from a family that broadcast their lives on television.

It’s clear to see that there has been an undeniable shift when it comes to modelling. It’s definitely becoming more important to have lots of followers rather than actually having eye-catching photos. It’s helpful for companies to look through Instagram profiles to really get a feel of what someone’s like and if they’re right for the job. For many models, their profiles act as a social media version of a portfolio.

A young Kate Moss in the 1990’s. Source: Pinterest

Should modelling agencies be using sites like Instagram to unveil new talent? It’s not all that different to getting picked out in the street or at an airport like Kate Moss. It does mainly come down to luck. Kate Moss just so happened to be in the right place at the right time when she was discovered. You could say that it’s pure luck that a modelling scout clicks on a random girl’s profile and decides to sign her.

Perhaps if the technology was around back when Kate Moss was a teenager she would’ve been discovered through social media. We’ll just never know.