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The Positive Influence Of Dance

Dancing has shown a very beneficial impact to those affected by Parkinson’s disease. December 4th and 5th is your opportunity to donate to The Big Give to support the Dance for Parkinson’s programme.

Words: Ludovica Parisi, Subeditors: Bea Renshaw, Keziah Leary

Source: Tumblr

Every year, the most prestigious research institutes invest a lot of energy to examine how participation in dance activities can socially and emotionally affect patients with illnesses like Parkinson’s.

Body tremors and slowness in movements are just some of the many symptoms Parkinson’s patients are forced to deal with everyday. Fatigue is a major obstacle, causing a lack of engagement in physical or social activities. Those with Parkinson’s, often experience a lack of motivation as they feel they are losing their identity and individuality. Exercise is one suggestion made to keep the brain active, with activities such as puzzles or body work. This has been shown to help participants cope better with the debilitating condition.

Dance for Parkinson’s and the English National Ballet has been holding regular dance classes across the UK since 2012 to grant the opportunity to those with Parkinson’s (or those involved with someone with the disease) to attend dance classes. The purpose of the activity is to motivate patients to build cohesive communities and get into action, in order to relieve their minds. ENB offers regular classes in their London studios every week. Oxford City Council, Merseyside DanceInitiative, National Dance Company Wales and DanceEast – which are respectively based in Oxford, Liverpool, Cardiff and Ipswich – offer further dance activities, introducing teachers and rehearsal insights as well.

The English National Ballet Dance, in collaboration with The Big Give , will be raising funds for the Dance for Parkinson’s programme on 4th and 5th December 2016. The purpose, is to offer a wider range of quality dance activities to people affected by the disease.

Dancing is not just a bunch of physical movements joined together, it is a positive aid to self esteem and freedom of expression. Engaging in the act of listening to music, allows one to get carried away from all their distractions and fears. Parkinson’s patients can once again begin to reintegrate into society.

It is important for the younger generation to acknowledge the obstacles that can come with a disease such as Parkinson’s. Directly effected or not, it is important to learn and educate ourselves, in order to help others.