The London Lions basketball team recruits…TV reality star

The British Basketball league’s latest recruit comes from a TV reality show. The London Lions signed a contract with the former Love Island TV star Ovie Soko and the 28 years old Londoner is foreseen to play his first game on the 8th of December in Stratford.

Before joining the ITV2 reality show, Ovie Soko played for the Barnett Bulldogs and managed to win the district championship during his teen years in the Bethel High School in Hampton, Virginia. If some are suspicious of this decision, it goes without saying that the reality TV stars has some experience in basketball.

Indeed, Ovie Soko received a complete formation. Playing as a college level in the University of Alabama for three years before being transferred to Duquesne in Pittsburgh, Ovie Soko also played in European teams such as France, Italy or Spain.

The London Lions fans showed incredible support and are looking forward to seeing him play for the team. Several tweets have emerged since the news.

Ovie Soko expressed some excitement to play for a team in his hometown. He told the Mail Online ‘I’m excited to be back home and help contribute to basketball back home where my love for the sport started’.

The London Lions are looking forward to welcoming Ovie and are confident of his capacities to contribute positively to the development of the team. ‘We are delighted that he has chosen to play for the London Lions, the current champions of the UK Premier League, and inject a greater passion into British basketball. He will add power and creativity to the team, everyone is excited!’ expressed the Lions head coach Vince Macaulay.

He also added: ‘Soko is a very experienced and talented player in demand throughout Europe’. Some compare him to Tony Parker, who originally from France made it to the NBA and has known an ongoing success.

The freshly celibate who separated from India who he met in Love Island, is expected to play his first match on the 8th of December against Glasgow Rocks at the Copper Box Arena at 4 pm.

Words: Alexandra Girgis

Image: JC Gellidon on Unsplash

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