The first-class toilet Louis Vuitton

Just when we thought that fashion brands could not surprise us that much anymore, Louis Vuitton decided to give people the opportunity to remain classy in everything they do.

People have different definitions of class. For some, it is represented by nice cars or beautiful houses in nice neighborhoods. Quite a number also think that hanging out with popular people says a lot about their social status. Well, Louis Vuitton has changed the game and for some very inexplicable reasons, the brand just released their range of luxurious toilets seats. This new and very expensive gadget will give rich people the ultimate experience in the bathroom.

Many might wonder why the world needs to stop at the mention of a toilet seat. According to reliable sources, the commode is made of 24 designer bags costing a total of $15,000 coming in a suitcase worth $3,000.

Despite that, it can actually be considered as a piece of art. Most people on social media, however, have been very quick to criticize the artist for doing a terrible job. A lot of negative feedback appeared on the Internet, especially, when it comes to the toilet’s outrageous price. Nevertheless, a good number of the comments on Facebook support the idea of luxurious toilet seats. That is if you choose to cut the word “sarcasm” from your vocabulary.

In any case, the latest craze shows that some people are desperate for new ways to show off their wealth. And in this regard, Louis Vuitton has found the perfect trend to surf on.

Words: You Zhou | Subbing: Victoire Bret, Zoey Valkova

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