The Cheese Chronicles: An experiment into the capabilities of cheese…

The time has come, it’s the final episode of the cheese chronicles. Hold tight, grab your cheese toasties and watch this video, there’s no doubt it will open up your eyes into an extraordinary world of cheese.


We put the statement that “cheese will go with everything” to the test. Is it true? Unless you’ve done a similar test then you better watch this, as we delve into the cheesy underworld and find its friends and foes.

This ones certainly not a stinker with a feature from the cheesemister himself, Mr Etienne Fermie. We know It’s that time of year and we are here to help you embrace your cheesy cheer.

We want to see you get creative with your cheese over Christmas. Why not put it on the turkey? Set fire to it on top of your Christmas pudding? Layer it over your Nan? The options are endless. Now just see what we did with this wonderful melty elixir.



Words by Harry Bourner | Subbing by Ettiené Fermie


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