Friday, August 17The Voice of London

The Blame Game Of London’s Housing Crises

Whether it has been the 70’s, 90’s or 2015 there always have been a problem that no politician has yet been able to solve. Even though this issue will appear in every parties manifesto during the election campaign but after the votes have been counted the standard of work seems to go down faster than Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity. We are talking about the crisis of housing in Britain.

Words: Izza Hina, Subeditor: Mariya Savova


The number of homeless people have increased. Affording a house in London is even harder. More people are less likely to own their own home which is why many people turn to the renting option. The renting prices is London are very much likely to make you broke. But housing has always been a problem. With London’s everlasting popularity among people it is the final choice for many to migrate here for better education or job prospect. But soon many realise that London is not all glitz and glamour. As many have to rent share properties. Well, you may think there is nothing wrong with that until you realise that you end up sharing with not 2 or 3 people like one would imagine but instead with a whole cricket team. Hygiene levels are long forgotten.

These are the unfortunate choices one has to make too often survive in London. But whose fault is this. As well as the government not addressing the issue properly, property agents have also played a role in worsening the situation. They supposedly  rent out their 3 bedroom house to a family. But what is happening in more cases is that later that property is being rented ahead to several other people. In some recent cases in Ilford, Essex the rented property has become a brothel. Why are these issues not being addressed when there are similar cases like these happening all across London?

As long as the rents are being paid monthly and the property agents are given their commission and not being disturbed with the request of fixing a broken shower they seem not to care what is happening in the property. Who is responsible for this?

The problem of housing need to be addressed as a matter of urgency as it has the tendency to lead to other severe problems.

Ayub Patel , Business Manager of Lakeview Estates, Ilford claims that ‘there are not enough houses to go round’.

It his harder for people on benefits like DSS to find properties in London even if they have a guarantor and the deposit and the properties that do accept them the houses are not in great conditions. A compromise one has to make, a price you have to pay to live in London.