The big move to the big city

The big city can mean something different for each individual person. The freedom, the people, the opportunity’s and the fast pace, these are all perks of this beautiful city. The list of London’s perks goes on and on and the order they are ranked in is different for everyone.

A vast amount of young people move to London to study or to just take their first steps on their own. London is the perfect place to pursue dreams, it is full of opportunities, connections and it has no limit. Here you can learn about yourself and become the person you know you can be. There is no judgment, expectations or boundaries in this city, but all of this doesn’t happen straight away, trust me, I know this first hand.

London comes with a whirlwind of emotions; it is a difficult place to live at times. It’s fast pace and think of number one mentality can be amazing but on the other hand, it can also make the city seem extremely lonely. This might be a more prominent feeling when you first start out here, adjusting to city life can be a difficult task, especially if it is a completely different lifestyle to the one you left behind.

It is easy to lose yourself within this concrete jungle, the hustle and bustle that comes with living here can make us easily forget the reason why we chose to move here in the first place. Yes, London life is not for everyone but if it is then you know that the negatives are minor compared to the positives. Once you get used to the beautiful and inspiring city you come to realise that London can be exactly what you make it and the only person in control of your experience here is you.

A large number of young people move to London in their 20s from all corners of the country. This particular capital has a vast number of job opportunities, which is a key reason why the younger generation of today’s society move here. Another key part of this is to do with the craze of social media. Yes, London is a great place for Instagram pictures but that’s not what I mean.

Today the media industry is what a vast amount of young adults want to pursue a career within and there is no better place to do this than the media capital which is London. This city always has something going on, it has some of the greatest events, multiple career opportunities, exciting nights out and some of the best universities. It is a haven for anyone in their 20’s.

A large number of individuals make this big move with a dream, goal or hope of becoming something. Even though this is the perfect city to pursue all of this and make that all important first step, it isn’t always smooth sailing. Rejection, competition and a whole load of time can be expected on this particular journey. When living here this is all predictable, it is a big city with a lot of people within it, the majority of them probably moved here with the same intention as you.

We all have a goal and a reason for moving to London. At times it can feel like you are on a hamster wheel and the goal at the end is getting further and further away. If you ever feel like this the key part of ensuring your head is kept high and the reason why you started chasing your dream is never forgotten is knowing your self-worth. The best things in life do not get handed to you on a plate.



Words by Emily Boorman
Infographic and Audio By Emily Boorman
Feature Photo By Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

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