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Pizza Pilgrims Shoreditch

A pizza place that turns candy bars into calzones and allows you to bring your own booze sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. Pizza Pilgrims in Shoreditch combines all of these aspects to create the best dining experience you’ll get in London.

Shoreditch is the sixth storefront for the chain Pizza Pilgrims. Other locations can be found scattered throughout the city in areas like Covent Garden and Soho. In Shoreditch, the bright green exterior perfectly matches the lively interior found on the other side of the doors.

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The restaurant is relatively small, but a downstairs dining area allows for more customers to enjoy the delicious pizza. The cooks are visible to those dining upstairs, allowing you to watch them make your meal. There is also a camera hooked up to a large screen downstairs, so if you are eating there you can still see your pizza’s journey from start to finish. This feature makes the dining experience fun and unique.

The food itself is just as good as the physical restaurant. The pizza is delicious, with a thin crust and fresh ingredients. The Margherita pizza will only set you back £6.75 and is big enough for two.

Pizza Pilgrims

Once finished with your pizza, it is an absolute necessity to try the candy bar calzones. Come armed with your favorite candy bar as they do not sell any on site. Simply hand the bar to your waitress, wait a few minutes, and she will return with a delicious chocolate dessert calzone.

One thing notably missing from the menu is a booze section. The Shoreditch location has not yet obtained its liquor license, so you can bring your favorite beer or wine to enjoy with your meal. This allows for an even more personalized dining experience, as well as keeps the costs low.


Pizza Pilgrims is a must try restaurant. Quick service, a unique menu and the ability to customize your entire meal makes it the perfect place to go for lunch or dinner. Just don’t forget to bring your favorite candy bar-and your favorite drinks!

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