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Techno Is Great, Especially On Halloween

Another gruesome Halloween has passed and the countdown to the most scary, crazy night of the year has started again. So how was your Halloween? We went to Club 414 in Brixton, where the ‘Under My Feet’ techno night was taking place. Here’s why techno is a ‘must’ on Halloween.


Words: Mattia Bosio, Subeditor: Cerys Kenneally 

1 .Techno events are gathering places.
You could say all the events are gathering places, that’s the purpose of every single event. But techno is something more. Halloween left behind a long trail of (fake) blood and a bunch of zombies dancing around the streets of Brixton. The dawn of the dead, or in this case the afterparty of the dead.
Techno events undoubtedly unite different groups of people, and when ‘Under My Feet’ play, the crowd are religiously glued to the mixing desk.
We love techno because it doesn’t really matter who you are or where you come from, as long as you can feel the beat, you are one of us!

Credits: Giulia Tagliaferri

2. Techno makes your dreams come true.

Creating something from scratch is an admirable achievement. Some people excel while others get lost on the way.
The Under My Feet crew, of which members are smashing the London Techno scene, is a project founded earlier this year with the aim of create an international, collaborative event, joining together the best emerging DJs in the techno scene. So far the results have been great, and day by day, the DJ’s are getting bigger, spreading good vibes all over the city.
Why do we love techno? Because it’s driven by passion and ambition.

Credits: Giulia Tagliaferri

3.Techno is cheap.

Being a student in the most expensive city is sometimes a buzzkill. Slaving away on minimum wage makes it hard to find a good night for cheap. Techno events are mostly organised in small clubs, this means that, unless you go to places like Fabric or Egg, you can probably get away with a £10 entrance fee if you miss the cheap early-bird tickets.
We love Techno because you can party without fearing checking your bank account the next morning.

4. Techno is all night long.

Techno parties are the perfect excuse to have fun. You don’t go to a two-hour concert, you turn up to an event where time is an abstract entity. The dark rooms, the low ceilings, the smoke machines and the psychedelic light alter your perception of space. The dance floor becomes a place you don’t want to leave, until 7am, when the speakers warn you the club is about to shut.
We love Techno because you can dance until daylight.

Credits: Giulia Tagliaferri

5. Techno makes you live the city.

Techno is like an old wanderer who never sleeps twice in the same place. Techno events hardly happen in the same place. The various crews and labels love to go around and organise parties in different parts of the city. The ‘London techno underground scene’ is one of the biggest in Europe, and, like a cobweb, it takes over the whole city. Camden, Brixton, Clapham, Shoreditch, techno is everywhere and allows you to hang out in new places and discover hidden parts of the city.
We love techno because it’s always something new, somewhere new.

So what are you waiting for? Come out and dance with us!

Credits: Giulia Tagliaferri