Sunday, September 23The Voice of London

TechCrunch is a battleground

Disrupt is an event run by Techcrunch, it is the worlds leading authority in launch padding creative and revolutionary start-up technologies. These incredible inventors are some of the greatest minds in technology and they all come here to discuss their work, show off their creations and win the legendary start-up battlefield.

The stat-up battlefield is what the majority of people come for. If you don’t already know what that is, it is an event at Disrupt where many new and some completely unknown companies or groups, meet up and put their invention on display for the world to see, in the hopes of investment. Competitor’s compete at a chance to win the coveted Disrupt cup and a hefty prize of $50,000, not to mention attention from all the media and investors who attend the event every year, to hopefully catch their attention. Last years EU Disrupt winners have raised $1.5 million. As of August 2015 the total number of companies that have competed in the competition is 543, 69 of which have won and the total amount of money raised is around $5.7 Billion.

If the great Start-up Battlefield is not your thing, what about the Hackathon? I promise this involves no exercise unless you want it to. The Hackathon is a 24-hour test where you are challenged to create a new product. The endurance test is taken up by engineers, developers and creates a team to build something new from scratch. Once they have completed their new creation they then present it to a panel of expert judges with a chance to win prizes including free tickets to the Disrupt conference. Some of the products from the Hackathon actually make a name for them and becomes a great success like GroupMe, which was created in 24 hours and then eventually bought by Skype for $80 Million.

If you prefer a way to take your time and assess all the new technology at your own pace the Start-up alley is the location for you. You will be able to explore and interact with creators and talk to them about their creations. This is the perfect opportunity to see talented companies and individuals in their early stages before they become big and famous.

The last big invention that came from The Start-up Battlefield was a company called Liquidity Nanotech. The idea is to use Nano fibre technology to filter water using small cartridges in water bottles. The method is new and as effective as current methods but it’s the convenience, which is the selling point. With the mixture of industry performance and household accessibility they have been able to create a very successful product. So you can use either normal tap water or dirty stream water and simply drink it from the bottle and it will be filtered and safe to drink, the only catch is you cant use salt water. They have raised $11.6 million from 3 investors alone since starting up and are staying strong in the competitive market.