Sunday, August 19The Voice of London

Tattoo Technology: Redefining Body Art

Forget check-ups at the doctors, thermometers and fitness watches, Chaotic Moon have just launched a futuristic device that puts Apple to shame. Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory would be first in line to buy this cyborg phenomenon.

Words: Jade Ratcliffe, Subeditor: Shannon Cowley


The Austin software design firm, Chaotic Moon, have created Tech Tats; a temporary tattoo that monitors your health. Feeling under the weather? Simply transfer your tattoo onto your arm and find out your stats in an instant. The information will be sent directly to your phone and you can even send the results to your doctor if you are concerned.

You will no longer have to find room for health monitors, wear an irritating armband, or wait for an appointment at the doctors for a physical. Using temperature sensors via electroconductive paint, the data will transfer to your phone through Bluetooth Low Energy.

But it’s not just a piece of health kit. You’ll no longer have to worry about losing your bank card because you wont need to carry it around anymore. That’s right, Tech Tats allow you to carry your bank information on your skin.

Chaotic Moon boasts of its affordability and you’ll wonder why you ever paid for those extortionate rates on unreliable plastic monitors.