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Manchester’s too far. Stay local.

Manchester’s too far. Stay local.

In celebration of opening three new KFC stores in the city of Manchester, two stores shall be, on Monday the 13th November giving away free meals and free limited edition t-shirts. Which, is great for KFC hungry students and even better for the bank. Totally finger lickin' good! However, this news is not so great for those who are living in London. In response to this, Milica has found some restaurants in Central London which are, if better than KFC both price wise and finger licking wise. The best burger (brown tag) and wing (orange tag) places in Central London. Make a trip which will not break the bank but will leave your stomachs full and wanting more!   Words: Milica Cosic | Subbing: Kate Kulniece

Should you stop dining out?

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Nowadays, eating in restaurants has become more like a routine for convenience rather than a treat. I remember the time when fast food was a big festive, occasion for me and my family. Usually, we would go to restaurants to celebrate something important. Now what I find cool was to see my mother make her own bread or granola for us, or making our own butter even though that time I was sure fast food was much better and trendy than boring meals at home. But ever since my move to London, homemade food (especially my mom’s food) has become something that I crave for all the time. Eating fast food or going to restaurants used to be exciting but it is not anymore. Why is that so? Everyone knows that dining out has many advantages, especially for such a lazy person like me! Saving time