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Too Faced launched a new unicorn collection and Internet is not reacting well

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2017 has been the year of unicorns taking over basically everything, from clothes, to drinks with the crazy “unicorn Frappuccino” trend, to crazy holographic and glittery make-up ideas. And when you think the hype for it was gone, here it is Too Faced launching a brand new unicorn make-up collection. But It looks like the internet has different opinions on this, not only on the launch date planned for February 2018, but also for the quality of the product. The “Life is A Festival Mood” collection has a peace & love rainbow palette for

Glitter cappuccinos are a thing

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Just when you thought the unicorn trend was out, they pull you right back in. Glitter, shimmer, and all things basic have come together in the glitter cappuccino encouraging is all to embrace our inner basic b*tch.  Bad news is, if you're reading this outside of India you'll just have to wait for your crack at the frothy wonder. The glitter cappuccino comes in two shades, silver and gold - and is only available at Coffee By Di Bella, a coffee chain based in Mumbai, India. Image: The closest you can get, before the trend inevitably hits London, will cost you a trip to Litchfield. Coffee shop Melbourne in Litchfield are already serving up a golde