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When to observe ‘supermoon’ in London tonight?

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On 13th and 14th of November Moon gets ever closer to Earth since 1948. Reporter: Mariya Grinina | Sub-editor: Alina Isachenka Make sure you go out tonight to get a glimpse of the rare phenomenon - Earth’s satellite getting ever closer to our planet. Make sure you go out tonight to get a glimpse of the rare phenomenon - Earth’s satellite is getting ever closer to our planet. According to NASA, the Moon to be at its closest point (only 221,524 miles away), and be up to 30% brighter and 14% bigger than average at 11:21 London time. Yet because it’s too bright at this time, the best chance to see the ‘supermoon’ will be around 4.45pm, when it begins to rise and is moving nearest to the horizon. The skygazing may yet be hindered by weather. Check thelocal forecast for the event!