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Why has Cardiff been named ‘the junk food capital of Britain’?

A recent survey conducted by 'VoucherCodes' revealed that Cardiff is the junk food capital in Britain. In fact, this city spends more money on fast food and take aways than any other. In light of the article that came out on 'The Independent' on the 29th October, Milica Cosic wants to know if there is correlation between the student life in Cardiff and, the fact that residents spend so much money on eating junk food. An infographic by CityBasedApartments, 2017, shows that Cardiff University is one of the top eight in Britain. In fact, amongst this, the university city lies in the top seven most affordable cities to live in, meaning rent prices are lower than in cities like London. Alongside this, it has been deemed the top eight to have a city with bustling nightlife. Statistics pr...

Is London Food Too Expensive For Students?

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London is notoriously expensive. It is typically quoted as the priciest place to live in the UK, making it a difficult place for students to reside. Even the cost of food can seem inflated. Millennials love eating in restaurants. According to Business Insider, 53 percent of Millennials go out to eat once a week, compared with only 43 percent of those from other generations. But this social hour can add up quite quickly for those living in London, where a meal for two in a mid-price restaurant averages £40.   “The price of food in London is expensive. Unnecessarily so,” says Westminster student Vickie. “It’s more reasonable at home in Essex.” “It’s very expensive to go out, but I still do,” chimes in Kostas. “I go to Nando’s because it is cheap for what it is.” Nando’s may s