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EXCLUSIVE: Dropping your fags is costing you thousands

EXCLUSIVE: Dropping your fags is costing you thousands

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The Voice of London has obtained exclusive information around on the spot littering fines. The £80 fines are often handed out to unsuspecting smokers who drop the ends of their cigarettes onto the floor. North West London in particular has seen a steady increase in these fines over the past few years after they were introduced to try and change attitudes towards smoking after the 2007 smoking ban. It was announced in October that On-The-Spot littering fines are to be increased, almost doubling to £150 by the end of 2018. However figures obtained today by the Voice of London prove that councils are already making money from these fines. Last year, Brent Council issued 4146 fines, a total of over £330,000. 218 were issued for “smoking related” litter. "Educate people befor

Good news: Fewer teens are smoking. Bad news: They’re taking drugs instead.

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A quarter of 11-15 year-olds have tried substances at least once, studies reveal. Instead of smoking or drinking, teenagers in the UK are now more likely to use drugs. Swings and roundabouts... A national survey by NHS Digital, found 24% of teenagers between the age of 11-15 years say they had used a recreational drug at least once - this is a 9% increase since 2014. On the other hand, the survey found 19% of children say they had smoked cigarettes at least once, roughly the same as 2014, but much lower than the figure in 1996 when almost 50% children questioned, had smoked a cigarette. The survey also found 44% of secondary school students say they had tried alcohol. However, in 2016, the survey found the alcohol consumption rate among teenagers ranged from 15% in 11 year-o
Is the ‘Vaping Culture’ a Fad?

Is the ‘Vaping Culture’ a Fad?

The 'Vaping Culture' isn't the initial reason London established its moniker 'The Big Smoke', but it's a strange adaptation of one. Reporter: Gabrielle Espinet | Subeditor: Lateefa Farah A 2016 Action on Smoking Health (ASH) study shows that 2/3 of smokers start before age 18.  Between one half and one third of these smokers will become regulars.  The study reveals that two-thirds of current smokers are trying to quit and 30-40% of the two-thirds attempt to bring smoking to a halt. But how? What are people turning to to end the addicting health-threatening habit?  Trends direct Voice of London to the 'Vaping Culture'.