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Beautiful Photos of Cornwall and Where to Take Them

Beautiful Photos of Cornwall and Where to Take Them

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As the rain, cold and wind penetrate multiple layers of clothing to remind us that winter is coming, let’s hold on to the last rays of sunshine and the warm English summer. Cornwall is a rugged, beautifully framed, Picasso painting on a seaside canvas. A place like no other. The small streets, the seagulls, the smell of the sea and the cool breeze beating that summer heat, everything reminds us of a perfect summer vacation. This is probably why Gordon Ramsay bought a house and moved up there, so be prepared to see the celebrity chef casually taking a stroll on the beach. (tip: he once visited chef Paul Ainsworth at his No 6 restaurant so make sure you hang around for celebrity sightseeing). I recently visited Cornwall with some of my friends. We stayed in Penzance, a small Cornis

Taylor James Eary feels “Brighter Than The Sun”

Words: Sal Fasone When Taylor got into music and started playing it out loud, little did he know he would end up  releasing his own music. Over the last year he puts out the delicately rousing ‘Moving On’ and has been described as a ‘powerful, promising talent’ by Clash Magazine. After picking up strong praise from a number of online tastemakers, Taylor now returns to the spotlight with his latest release ‘Brighter Than The Sun’. Voice of London met up with him in Southend, his hometown. He told us about his inspirations, what's behind his latest track and what his upcoming projects are. How did you understand that you wanted to do music in your life? I’ve loved music from an early age as there was always music playing in my house. I eventually got given an old keyboard which I