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There’s one problem with the vegan cheese launch at Pizza Hut

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Since the vegan cheese announcement, there’s been lots of positive reaction, but it looks like Pizza Hut have made one huge mistake. “It was so sick I loved it,” is what, new vegan Akash Ruparelia, told the Voice of London, as one of the first people to try the vegan pizza. His sister, vegan as well, Shivani Ruparelia is “beyond excited,” and is going to go there [Pizza Hut] to show support, even though she “hates pizza.” Gareth Hopley, Head of Communications at Pizza Hut Restaurants, told the Independent: "We’re excited that all of our cheese-loving vegan customers will be able to grab a slice of the action and no longer have to miss out – we can’t wait to hear their thoughts!" This comes after an “amazing customer response” to Pizza Hut’s vegan cheese trial earlier thi

I get food but, does food get me?

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Food is a big part of everyone’s lives (especially mine)… pretty much ever since anyone can remember. It helps us grow, helps us get energy and has made us all “strong boys”. Queue the Pinocchio imagery, please. Food is all people think about when say, stressed, happy or sad. Many people say that after a breakup, one should buy a large tub of ice cream (and cry their heart out) or, when feeling happy should order a takeout pizza. Aside from the gratification one gets when opening the pizza box to reveal its contents or, carefully peeling the lid off the ice cream; Milica Cosic set out to find out why food has the effect on us that it does? Milica spoke to three nutritionists, all with different backgrounds, who answered her questions and queries about the link between emotion and foo
The Best Pizza in London

The Best Pizza in London

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Pizza Pilgrims Shoreditch A pizza place that turns candy bars into calzones and allows you to bring your own booze sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. Pizza Pilgrims in Shoreditch combines all of these aspects to create the best dining experience you’ll get in London. Shoreditch is the sixth storefront for the chain Pizza Pilgrims. Other locations can be found scattered throughout the city in areas like Covent Garden and Soho. In Shoreditch, the bright green exterior perfectly matches the lively interior found on the other side of the doors. The restaurant is relatively small, but a downstairs dining area allows for more customers to enjoy the delicious pizza. The cooks are visible to those dining upstairs, allowing you to watch them make your meal. There is also a cam