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Personal Information Stolen From Wetherspoons In Latest Online Hack

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Apparently technology companies aren’t the only one’s at risk from hacking. Pub chain JD Wetherspoons has revealed bank card details of a hundred customers were accessed from its database. Words: Corey Armishaw, Subeditor: Daisy Greenaway   Along with the 100 bank card details, names and email addresses of more than 650,000 people were taken. Wetherspoon’s database only had details of 656, 723 customers. According to the company, the 100 stolen card details were from customers who purchased gift cards on the website between January 2009 and August 2014. The hack itself occurred between 15 and 17 of June this year. The hacked bank accounts are not fully at risk, since only the last 4 digits of the cards were being stored. However, customers have been warned to be vigilan